Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rosamund Pike Covers InStyle UK November 2011

Looking absolutely fabulous, Rosamund Pike is featured on the cover of InStyle UK's November 2011 issue.

The “Pride & Prejudice” actress models white dresses from Christian Dior, MaxMara, and ASOS in her photo spread, and chats about how she almost said “I Do” in the accompanying interview.

Of her reaction to former fiance Joe Wright’s decision to call off their wedding, Rosamund explained, "When you're about to get married and then you're not, it's all a big shock. You think, well, OK, so I'm never going to lead a totally conventional life now.”

"Well, it sort of cleans the slate and now I can be exactly who I am. Everyone gives you a certain leeway too, because they can see that you've had something pretty painful going on. And in that, I find a tremendous freedom. I now know I can be married or not married, live with someone or apart, or even in a separate country. Even my grandmother is no longer expecting me to go down a conventional route, which is nice."

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