Tuesday, November 29, 2011

EXIT short film with Anna Sergiienko

Exit is a sci-Fi teaser. It was shot and produced by two final year advanced film students Adhir and Michael, studying at Natcoll Design Technology, preparing for their final piece for the year. This project combined all the skills they've refined during their time studying, including video production, video editing, colour, sound design, compositing and VFX. The lead actress Anna Sergiienko played the role of a young girl engaging in a battle for her life. This role required both action and dialogue.
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Nadine Coetzer's vision of 'Ballet' with Anna Sergiienko

I have had a great photoshoot with a New Zealand based Photographer Nadine from South Africa. She was given a studio assignment called Parts of a Whole. She chose a Ballerina to part, study and then build a project: Parts of a Ballerina.

Through pain to success 

Strength of ballerina's feet

Black swan
Anna Sergiienko
Aim to fame

Dedication to ballet
Model: Anna Sergiienko
Photo by Nadine Coetzer

More is coming soon!

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