Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cheryl Cole Gets Pissed, Then Tweets About Her Hangover

Cheryl Cole at the launch of HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio TM at The Roundhouse last night (October 6, 2011) in London, England along with manager/BEP’s Will.i.Am and Lady Gaga.

All was fine until Cole hit the bubbly.  Then, it all got blurry (though probably superfun) as the night wore on.  Before she knew it, she was making drunk faces in the back of an SUV.

Cut to Twitter the next day and a moral hangover to be reckoned with.  “Why why why why why why why why why… :’(” Cole tweeted when she woke up, adding, “I just walked past the mirror and caught a glimpse of someone.. I have no idea who she is…”

“Too many Bubbles .. :’(.

“That’s it.. Me and alcohol are not friends..”

Amen, sister.  The only thing worse than a hangover is a champy hangover, if you ask me.

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