Monday, October 10, 2011

Kim Kardashian Covers InStyle Australia November 2011

Glamming up yet another magazine, Kim Kardashian garnered cover girl duties for the November 2011 issue of InStyle Australia.

Set to hit newsstands on October 10, the E! reality star donned an array of dresses from Marchesa, Anaessia, Dolce and Gabbana and J’Aton Couture while chatting about her wedding and relationship with husband Kris Humphries.

Highlights from Kim's interview are as follows. For more, be sure to visit InStyle Australia!

On whether she wants to be called Mrs. Humphries:
"You can call me whatever you like. [But that] feels good. I'm not really used to it yet."

On whether she ever had doubts about filming her wedding for TV:
"That was a really big discussion. We took weeks to decide if we were going to film it or not, but I felt like my fans—everyone that has gone on this journey with me, seeing different relationships that I've been in—would feel cheated if I didn't film it. It was something that Kris and I were okay with, and the beauty of it is we get to edit it. It [will be] great to look back at that and see this time in our lives."

On whether she was able to see all of the guests at her wedding:
"As crazy as it looked, it still felt intimate. There were a few people that I wish I got to spend more time with, but we definitely made time to see everyone. And I think that's important, to still have that intimate feeling."

On how she and Kris will make time for their relationship with such busy schedules:
"It's tricky. We're together now, and wherever he signs his next contract, I'll be there with him. We're going to have a rule that we don't let too much time go by with work commitments, that we don't see each other. We'll just make it work."

On how she knew Kris was The One:
"There was just this calm feeling; I trusted him a hundred per cent. And I think that is really rare. I have a lot of fun with him. It's a feeling that's different to what I had felt before."

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